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Opposition Watch: 3 big moves by the Buhari resistance within the APC

House Speaker, Yakubu Dogara; Senate President Bukola Saraki and Sokoto Gov. Aminu Tambuwal


Opposition Watch: 3 big moves by the Buhari resistance within the APC

Apart from the fact that the reformed All Progressives Congress (rAPC) faction within the ruling party has joined forces with more than 30 other opposition parties to field a common candidate to face President Muhammadu Buhari next year, they have been making several other moves.

According to reports, the internal resistance is making use of two main fronts: the legislature and state governors.

1.  For the legislature: The two leaders of the national assembly, Bukola Saraki (senate president) and Yakubu Dogara (house speaker) are reported to belong to the rAPC. The national assembly goes on recess by July 27th and it is expected that Saraki and Dogara would lead several other APC lawmakers to defect from the APC to the PDP. When this happens the PDP would become majority in at least the senate, but possibly in the House of Representatives as well.

‘’The APC has not seen anything yet; very soon, they will soon witness an unprecedented defection of many lawmakers from APC to PDP,” a lawmaker told a national newspaper. ‘’This will happen before we break for recess on July 27 this month. By the time this is done, we will turn APC into a minority party in both chambers of the National Assembly.’’

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2. For state governorship:  Three governors are expected to defect soon: Aminu Tambuwal of Sokoto is top on that list. He has already dissolved his state cabinet as a prelude to the defection. This week he released a scathing statement criticising Pres. Buhari and saying that the current state of insecurity is not what Nigerians voted for. Samuel Ortom of Benue is also expected to defect. He has also dissolved his cabinet to purge away those not loyal to him. Already, the APC faces an uphill battle in Benue state where frequent killings and perceived bias from the presidency have turned public sentiments against the ruling party. The third governor expected to defect is Abdulfatah Ahmed of Kwara. As a loyalist of senate president Bukola Saraki, he is expected to pitch his tent with his leader.

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3. Others: Thisday newspaper is reporting that there are at least six other APC governors who do not think defecting at this time is ideal and so would remain within the ruling party to act as spoilers and “double agents.”

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