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Female professor says Patience Jonathan has endorsed her for president


Female professor says Patience Jonathan has endorsed her for president

Nigeria’s former first lady, Patience Jonathan is backing a female presidential candidate, Professor Olufumilayo Adesanya-Davies, according to claims by the candidate herself. 

Adesanya-Davies, a professor of Language and Communication Arts at the Rivers State University of Education, disclosed this as she declared her interest to run for the Presidency in 2019 at a press briefing in Kwara state yesterday. 

“I am aspiring to be the next president of Nigeria. I am out to put laughter of joy in the mouth of all Nigerians,” she said. 

She announced that she had secured the endorsement of Patience Jonathan and other women who have made attempts at the Presidency. 

She also narrated how she lobbied to replace Namadi Sambo as Jonathan’s running mate in 2015.

“2015 was when I first thought about being a presidential aspirant. This is for the main reason that I was born on October 15th and I got married on October 15th. That time I said with President Goodluck Jonathan in the Peoples Democratic Party, I was going to be his running mate. I was sending text messages to him. I told him to let the then Vice-President Nnamadi Sambo step down for him to be successful, but he did not listen to me. But delay is not denial. That is why I am staging a comeback,” she said. 

Patience Jonathan Endorsement

“I have done some consultations. The first person to put a call through was Patience Jonathan.

“I told her that I am picking the presidential form this time around and she endorsed my decision.

“Our first thanks will go to the nation, Nigeria, that says the ladies could pick nomination forms at every level.

“Nigeria is confident that the current challenges in the country can only be tackled by the women,” she said.

She is also a member of Women for Change Initiative, the Patience Jonathan project that seeks to achieve female political participation in Nigeria. 

Sarah Jibril Discussion 

“I have discussed this with the former presidential candidate, Sarah Jubril, who incidentally is from Kwara State.

“Her reaction was that if a miracle like this will ever happen, we have paid the price in Kwara State and it is going to happen in the state.”

Nigerians Should Bear The Consequence of Voting President Buhari

“The test of maturity is taking responsibility for your irresponsibility. You take a decision and you gonna allow it to sail through. A four-month old pregnancy cannot be delivered; you have to be patient and quietly allow for delivery when the pregnancy is nine months old. We were the ones that did the voting, we accepted the change and now the change is here.”

Who is she?

Adesanya-Davies describes herself this way: 

A linguist educationist public servant since 1988, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, has served as a University lecturer and administrator for over thirty (30) years, as a consultant, researcher and activist to-date, attending national and international conferences, with track record in social and academic research and publications. Mercy Olufunmilayo, a multi – talented teacher of teachers is a member of POLAC Int’l Peace Advocate, who currently serves as an International director, as well as, the Deputy Chairperson on the board, serving humanity towards achieving ECOWAS millennium goals.

She hails from Ira, Kwara State, North Central Nigeria. Once an ardent Member of ACCORD Party in Kwara State over the years, currently a prominent PDP member and researcher; she is the editor and co-author of the celebrated and popular presidential endorsed book, Jonathan/ Sambo Presidency in Nigeria: A Symbol of Peace, Unity and Progress, placed by the National Universities Commission (NUC) in every University and National libraries in Nigeria, in line with the Commission’s continued efforts to promote publications, research quality and global visibility of academic staff in the Nigerian University System. 

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