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Maina’s family says Buhari administration invited him back to serve

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Maina’s family says Buhari administration invited him back to serve

The family of Abdulrasheed Maina, the former chairman of the Presidential Pension Reform Task Team, addressed the media on Wednesday over the ongoing controversy involving their relative.

The family’s spokesman, Malam Aliyu Maina, who was accompanied at the briefing by Salihu Maina and Ladan Abdullahi, said the family is concerned that Abdulrasheed’s image and that of the entire family is being tarnished by the controversy.

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Below are takeaways from the briefing:

1. The Buhari administration invited Maina back to serve the country:

According to the family, their relative left Nigeria due to threats to his life but was invited to come and help the Buhari administration.

“It is on record that Abdulrasheed Maina’s reform put to a stop the fraudulent withdrawals of huge sums from both the Nigerian Pension Board, the Nigerian Police Pension Board etc. Perhaps it is this noble efforts that made him enviable to the present administration when they came into power to convince him to come back and assist in its “Change” agenda,” the family said. 

2.  He is a savior and not a fraudster:

According to the family, Maina is a messiah who brought reforms into the Nigerian Pension Scheme. 

“The entire family of Abdullahi Maina is categorically stating that our son is not in any way a fraudster, rather he is a messiah who brought reforms into Nigerian Pension Scheme, whose effort saw the disappearance of pensioners roaming the streets of Abuja and other state capital in Nigeria.”

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3. The actions against Maina are being orchestrated by a cabal that he has information on:

“You must have noticed the recent attempt by some cabal to ridicule and tarnish the image of the Maina family in the media. Where our brother, Abdulrasheed has been blackmailed as a fraudster.  The cabals have gone to the extent of marking our house in red paints with an inscription of E.F.C.C under investigation.

“We equally know that Abdulrasheed Maina is in possession of so many facts that is against the cabal and interesting to the Nigerian populace, which he will disclose soonest. One must ask whether it is an offence for somebody to serve his father land faithfully.”

4. Maina’s properties were legitimately acquired; some of them were inherited from his late father:

“The EFCC is wrong in their action because Abdulrasheed inherited so many properties from his late father in Kaduna and Abuja, some of them were built before he was born so how could he have acquired them fraudulently.”

5. Maina may not be the only target of the cabal; it goes way higher:

“We are aware that all this act of calumny is not targeted against Abdulrasheed alone but against the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria and the office of the Attorney General. We have contacted our lawyers Messr Mamma Nasir & Co and instructed them to act appropriately.”

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