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“I have not purchased a new plane” – Tinubu

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“I have not purchased a new plane” – Tinubu

An APC national leader, Bola Tinubu, has debunked reports that he purchased a new airplane.

“Tinubu has not purchased a new plane. He is currently using the same plane he has used for over a decade now,” said Ademola Oshodi, the special assistant to the former Lagos governor.

He said the authors of the publication would have checked the photo it published to notice that the pictures revealed spaces with different interiors.

“They would have easily seen that Tinubu’s picture was superimposed to a space he has not been,” Oshodi explained.

The statement also described the report as “sensational, shoddy and false,” and was intended at embarrassing Tinubu.

Tinubu argued that if an investigation had been carried out before the publication or if the authors even had a brief acquaintance with the truth and the etiquette of proper journalism, the “false” report would not have been published.

To clear the records, Tinubu said he had not bought a new plane, adding that a simple investigation would have revealed the correct position.

“But these merchants of fake news are more interested in attacking perceived enemies than in enlightening the public as should be the call of a newspaper,” he said.

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