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Governor Al-Makura accuses Labaran Maku of pitching Goodluck Jonathan against the North

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Governor Al-Makura accuses Labaran Maku of pitching Goodluck Jonathan against the North

Following comments made by Labaran Maku over the weekend where he alleged that the security crisis rocking Nasarawa State was waxing strong due to the insensitivity of the government, the State governor, Tanko Al-Makura has accused the the former minister of Information of being mischievous.

The Governor, speaking through his Special Assistant to the governor on Media and Publicity, Ahmed Tukur, explained that Maku was responsible for pitching President Goodluck Jonathan against the North while in office, saying his divisive tendencies along ethnic and religious lines, helped fuel the recurrent crisis in Nasarawa State.

Maku, had at a press briefing in Abuja at the weekend, alleged among other things that innocent citizens had continued to be killed by gunmen as a result of what he described as the “insensitivity” in handling the security situation in the state by the state government which he claimed would have been addressed if he was sworn in as governor of the state in May, this year.

Furthermore, Maku was urged to commend his “boss” for the relative peace being enjoyed in the state.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emmanuel Kuza

    July 13, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Tanko Umaru Almakura and Ahmed Tukur should not think all Nigerians are as witless as they are. They should do us some good by going down to the issues raised by Labaran Maku in his press briefing last week whereat he raised a series of potent issues that demands honest answers or even probe by the Federal Government. For the benefit of those that did not have the privilege of going through the press briefing, I have copied the whole text and here is it:


    “It has been brought to my attention that Nasarawa State Government
    under the leadership of Tanko Al-Makura has slashed the salaries of
    civil servants across board in the state.

    This act of wickedness on the civil servants is a clear manifestation of the
    maladministration and mismanagement of the economy of Nasarawa State
    under Al-Makura. The accumulated rot prevalent in the system has led to
    this unwarranted cut in workers’ salaries with its concomitant negative consequences on social and economic life in Nasarawa State.

    As Al-Makura rides on the crest of a stolen mandate, he supervises the
    despoliation of the state’s economy through entrenched corruption and
    incompetence leading to the impoverishment of the civil servants and
    the general population alike.

    Huge sums of money amounting to over N100 billion collected in the last four years could not be accounted for by the Al-Makura regime neither could the people of Nasarawa State point to any tangible project executed by such funds.

    In the last four years, Nasarawa State collected 2 billion every month from the Federation Account Allocation, which amounted to N96billion total. Where has the money gone to?

    Al-Makura drew a bond of N30 billion from the Capital Market in addition to billions of naira received as bank loans since his assumption of office.

    Huge allocations of funds under different sub-heads were made to Nasarawa by
    the Federal Government since 2011 yet the state is suffering from the dearth of infrastructure, social services and security of lives and properties.

    Let me mention monies from the Ecological Funds, Universal Basic Education Commission, SURE-P, special distribution from the Excess Crude Account running between N100 billion and N150 billion were collected by Al-Makura in the last four years on behalf of the people of Nasarawa State.

    Traces of how Al-makura expended the N400 million funds for the flood victims in 2012 could not be seen as the poor masses who were suppose to be the beneficiaries never saw a dime.

    Local government allocations running into billions of naira also ended up with the state government under Al-Makura while the local government system was deliberately allowed to decay.

    The reason why Al-Makura could not pay workers’ salaries is not far-fetched. The
    monies he collected were not judiciously utilized by the Nasarawa State Government. Unbridled mismanagement and corruption is the root cause of
    the problem.

    Despite the N100 million Almakura takes every months as security vote, there is rampant insecurity caused by the festering and unchecked activities of insurgents and armed robbers. Robberies now take place every day between Abuja and Akwanga. This is different from regular house to house and farm to farm robbery ravaging the state.

    Corruption and insecurity are killing Nasarawa state under Almakura. Workers are being deprived of their salaries and citizens are being killed daily across the state.

    I call on Almakura to urgently block all revenue leakages and account for the billions of Naira he has collected so far. He should also refund the N4.8 billion siphoned under the guise of security votes and use it to pay workers’ salaries

    I am also appealing to President Buhari to restore checkpoints to Nasarawa state because of the resurgence of Kidnappings and other heinous crimes in Nasarawa state since their removal. The president should equally intervene urgently in order to halt the daily killings of people by insurgents in the state.”

    Almakura should answer these strong issues. I hope Mr. President orders an investigation over these allegations too.

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