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The photo that the opposition might use to hurt Pres. Goodluck Jonathan

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The photo that the opposition might use to hurt Pres. Goodluck Jonathan

by Dare Lawal

The photo below shows Pres. Jonathan in Kano during the PDP mass rally where they welcomed Ibrahim Shekarau, the former governor into their fold. It was the event which presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, described the crowd as “massive and jubilant” and the ceremony as “amazing”.

The photo below on its own shows a happy president. It shows a man who wants to rally his party’s troops and tell them that he has it all under control. That’s if the photo is taken on its own.

However if the photo above is taken in context, it shows something different.

It shows a president who flew off to Kano the day after Abuja, the nation’s seat of power experienced its deadliest ever terrorist attack. It shows a president who was ready to party and rally even before some relatives of the dead had come to terms with their loss or even confirmed it. It shows a president dancing on the morning after 129 school girls were abducted by gunmen and taken to an unknown destination.

The morning this photo was taken, some foreign ambassadors went to the hospitals where some of the victims were taken to and donated blood. Those men represent the leaders of their countries and their actions seemed to show that they are more concerned about the lives of Nigerians than Jonathan whose constitutional responsibility it is to secure it.

And be sure, the opposition is taking notes. Will the photo below hurt the president?

Jonathan dance Kano

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  1. Ernest

    April 17, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    And where are the photos of the sick Boko Haram sponsoring APC governors who did not show up in a security council meeting today, where is the photo of them weeping and gnashing their teeth on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Today? Oya… Stan? Where?

    • Iyke Mordi

      April 17, 2014 at 9:52 pm

      Fool! That is what you are.
      Tell me what leader anywhere in the world will act so callously and heatlesly proceed on a jamboree a day after such a national calamity. Tell me what evidence you have to prove that the presidency is not the one sponsoring the BH. Afterall the man that had no shoe once said it that the BH are in his cabinet. Of what justification is foolish call for security meeting after celebrating the Ill that befell the nation in the name of political rally rather than rallying around the victims. Shame to the sencesless and shoe-less màn, woe betide your likes that unwarrantedly support stupidity and politicise issues that should be seen from moral and social perspective.

      Any fool in Nigeria will win an an election against Jonathan if contested on a free and fair basis. Jonathan is the worst thing that ever happened to this country

      • Ernest

        April 17, 2014 at 10:07 pm

        Classic APC supporter reply.

        Where is the photo of you, Iyke the BLOCK HEAD. WHere is the photo of you on Monday ”rallying round the victims”? Where is the photo of your APC leaders and what they were doing on Tuesday. Are you not idiots? From the top to the bottom… APC has no solutions to Nigeria’s problems but insults….

        Just a deperate gang of disobedient children and looters of public treasuries. Let Tinubu declare how much the APC governors send to him has godfather dues every month — Lagos pays him over N2billion every month. That is why there is a mad rush to control the wealth of the Niger Delta… so that Tinubu’s family will never work for 7 generations. Losers!

        Election is coming… I can’t wait to watch Jonathan take Buhari to the cleaners again. NONSENSE!

        • Ashiwaju

          April 18, 2014 at 8:01 am

          This guy! Iyke called you a name and you still confirmed that’s what you are. People like you are drawing this country back. Wish I can see you and give you a very hot slap.

          • Ernest

            April 18, 2014 at 8:08 am

            That’s all the APC/CPC people have empty brain will of coconut water and insults. Useless people. Come and take Aso Rock… let us see.

          • Abbas Ajiya

            April 18, 2014 at 10:24 pm

            Ernest I feel like you are a part of ignorants that are as a result of Poor education system in Nigeria . it confirms that you are not only being naive but illiteracy and hippocrasy are really having an effect in your judgement. My advise is please try to take some time from the stress that you are facing or in a crouded, conjested, and polluted city that you are and try to meditate as you truly need my advice.

          • Ernest

            April 19, 2014 at 7:19 am

            Abbas the Alaje! Well done o. If I am a product of poor education… you are also a product of poor education. So it is a level playing field. Instead of insults, show me the picture of BUHARI, TINUBU, FASHOLA, EL RUFAI and others and what they were doing on MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY… and how they were mourning and ”rallying around the dead and victims”.

            Congregation of hypocritical MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD called APC. I pity you guys, because you will wake up one day and realise the Stanley is a NIGER Delta boy and on the other side of the country. You will be left alone with sand and more sand and terrorists. What you sow, you will reap. You sow violence and disrespect for authority, you sow terrorism and lynching… you will reap it. It will come back to eat you. Watch and see where all this going… The mad rush to control the oil wealth of Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Abia, Anambra – will end you people in a sand hell that you know not how to emerge.

          • Abbas Ajiya

            April 19, 2014 at 9:08 am

            the question is are BUHARI, TINUBU, FASHOLA, EL RUFAI in government?

            What power do they have?

            I know you dont know the culture of Germany, and you havent been to Germany clearly! Let me write to you some instance that you can picture in your mind and try to think deeper and compare it to our instance in Nigeria.

            Criticism and scrutiny is a way to improve a situation. Germany has a culture to criticise and scrutinize everything, up to the extend that boxes are placed in every government installation. they criticise even though they know they are living in the best standard possible and they criticise and scrutinize not only government individuals but almost everybody. this however is only for the sole purpose to improve individuals and government.

            because of that Germany has improved from a damaged war country of Hitlers regime to a super power.

            My brother from the same origin, As a Nigerian, you should know it is Alhaji not Alaje. These are the things I am talking about. Try to understand other peoples culture. I live with different people of different background and different ethnicity and I can tell you we are in best relationship. the sickness in Nigeria is tribalism and stereotypism and I am currently in Nigeria but in Diaspora. I met few that came out from Nigeria and despite the good things I am doing to them they still show that epidemic even to the best of Nigerians; so sad. It is only education can save that country to be frank with you.

            And do you know the history of Muslim Brotherhood….damn another epidemic…..this is another stereotying which I wouldnt comment. because if i speak now you would say I hate other tribes. Who voted for Jonathan? who has the population in Nigeria? we the North didnt see the stereotyping right? I know some people in the north too are having the epidemic but is not to that stage clearly to people like you. Example What was CAN saying when Sanusi was trying to bring Islamic Bank to Nigeria? What were the media saying and doing to crumble that? who are now benefiting from Jaiz bank? The goverment of Nigeria both state government who are from South and “christian state” the way you would put it are enjoying the loans from the bank and yet……… I told you this is the sickness in Nigeria!

          • Ernest

            April 19, 2014 at 4:18 pm

            See this idiot! Who dash you Alhaji? Are you talking like an religious person? Someone who is so talibanic? You can’t make your point without insults. You can’t even make an original point.

            For your information it is alaje… which means area boy in Lagos. The vagabonds who hand around the street corners looking for who to rob and rape. That is what I called you… had you had knowledge of other people’s cultures… you would have known there is word called Alaje.

            By the way, I know the words of a true Muslim when I read them. Nothing about APC is even real. This is a gang of losers using religion for a cover for power grab.

            Mark my words… YOU WILL ALL FAIL! FAIL Woefully!

          • Abbas Ajiya

            April 19, 2014 at 4:34 pm

            your response is malevolent, it clearly shows how deep you are in your organisation, my analysis is, it is either you are among the people that rape and kill innocent and disguise themselves as Boko Haram.

            How many Boko Haram that are non Nigerian and Christians have the government caught and set them free again?. you are part of them. you language is war in nature. I have nothing to say since i thought this platform is all about intellectual persuasion.

            I believe you when you call yourself prophet. you have seen my failure. How am I supposed to know such types of dirty words while learning yoruba? You are just a dirty and rough person that just lives to see people to fall down. In fact you are the curse of Nigeria. You think with you tongue.

            I hate people who uses religion as cover ad I can tell you this is what you are doing right now. this is democracy not Muslim Islamic Party alone. there are alot of christians in the party if you dont know. think with your brain for once brother from another mother even though you take me as your enemy with this type of vulgar language of destruction you are using. Its a shame.

          • Abbas Ajiya

            April 19, 2014 at 5:05 pm

            count the number of muslims are christians

            National Chairman – Bisi Akande – Osun

            Deputy National. Chairman North – Aminu Bello Masari – Katsina

            Deputy National. Chairman South – Annie Okonkwo – Anambra

            National Secretary – Tijjani Musa Tumsah – Yobe

            Deputy. National. Secretary – Nasiru El-Rufai – Kaduna

            National Vice Chairman NW- Salisu Inuwa Fage – Kano

            National Vice Chairman NC- Ahmed Abdullahi Aboki – Nasarawa

            National Vice Chairman NE – Umaru Duhu – Adamawa

            National Vice Chairman SW – Niyi Adebayo – Ekiti

            National Vice Chairman SS – Tom Ikimi – Edo

            National Vice Chairman SE – Anyim Nyerere- Imo

            National Legal Adviser – Muiz Banire – Lagos

            Deputy National Legal Adviser- James Ocholi; SAN- Kogi

            National Treasurer – Sadiya Umar Faruk – Zamfara

            Deputy National Treasurer – Usman Suleiman Danmadami – Sokoto

            National Financial Secretary- Shuaibu Musa – Zamfara

            Deputy National Financial. Secretary – Sunday Chukwu – Ebonyi

            National Organizing Secretary – Osita Izunaso – Imo

            Deputy National Organizing Secretary – Lawal Shuaibu – Zamfara

            National Publicity Secretary – Lai Mohammed – Kwara

            Deputy National. Publicity Secretary – Isa Madu Chul – Borno

            National Welfare Secretary – Emma Eneuku – Enugu

            Deputy National Welfare Secretary – Romanus Egbuladike – Imo

            National Auditor – Olisa-Emeka Akamukali – Delta

            Deputy National Auditor – Bala Jibrin – Bauchi

            National Women Leader – Madam Sharon Ikeazor – Anambra

            Deputy National Women Leader – Amina Abdullahi – Gombe

            National Youth Leader – Abubakar Lado – Niger

            Deputy National. Youth Leader- Uzo Igbonwa – Anambra

            National Ex- Officio – Yemi Sanusi – Ogun

            National Ex- Officio – Miriki Ebikibina – Bayelsa

            National Ex-Officio – Babachir D. Lawal – Adamawa

            National Ex-Officio- Antibass El-Nathan- Taraba

            National Ex- Officio – Nelson Alapa – Benue

            National Ex- Officio – Jock Alamba – Plateau
            the question is “are muslims not human beings?”

    • Stanley Azuakola

      April 18, 2014 at 4:25 am

      Hmm… Ernest. Surprised at your comment to be honest. Try your best not to let love for the president override patriotism for your country. If you are saying that a president who travels to campaign 24 hrs after the deadliest blast in the nation’s capital and the abduction of little kids did the right thing, then there’s no problem, I can’t argue with you on that. I think it is sad and shameful though.

      About the APC governors and their non-attendance of yesterday’s meting, i don’t hold brief for anyone in the APC but I hope you read report that they were not invited. Gov. Akpabio said that. So before you run off making sweeping allegations that they are BH sponsors, you have to check facts first.

      Finally it’s disappointing that you stay behind your system to call people “BH sponsoring” and you fail to give evidence. You and Olisa Metuh think terrorism is a joke or just politics right? Playing a round with weighty things. What a sad thing!

      • Ernest

        April 18, 2014 at 8:07 am

        Hello Stan… Question still remains… Show me the photos of APC leaders in mourning on MONDAY, TUESDAY, And possibly WEDNESDAY. Fashola is still in Lagos hunting down former Most Beautiful Girl in Lagos for a bedroom experience… Collecting illegal toll gate fees in Lagos.

        Oshimole is still telling widows to go and die … only this time, he will make sure there are cameras….

        Did Ekiti governor stop campaigning because Boko Haram killed 70 people and wounded 124?

        O, my GOD… these APC people are just hypocrites.

        Did you stop blogging on Monday and Tuesday and put a black page and candle to side with the dead?

        Why the hypocrisy of finding fault with everything Jonathan does when you have no better example?

        NB – THis morning, the APC governors and security meeting was cleared up by PDP Governor, FG owned NAN. Can an APC ever clear up a misunderstanding concerning Jonathan and PDP publicly? This is what we are taking about.

        If you want to run an APC blog… please do. but stop silly posts that don’t make any sense… such as this.

        • DOTO

          April 19, 2014 at 8:16 pm

          GEJ is d president of d country … Every action is x-rayed and examined closely under a microscope … As is done in more civilised countries… right thinking person will dispute the fact that the president has acted in a manner most unbecoming of d first citizen of the country

    • Dula

      April 18, 2014 at 11:46 am

      Ernest u r only a very foolish shalow thinking fanatic! When som1 is wrong accept it nd help correct it!! Rather than come up with senseless talks. I put it 2 U that even d most disadvantaged Nigerian with no political acumen will beat GEJ in free and fair elections!!! This is evident given his administration’s inability 2 gear d nation towards growth!! This is an administration comprising of tyrants, fanatics and corrupt individuals!! Dis is an administration which supports corruption by doing nothing or protecting corrupt persons an administration that witch hunts opposition rather than focus on development, an administration who sees an opposition as an enemy instead of seen opposition as catalyst 4 growth it’s in same administration that tax payers money r looted given clear evidence of misappropriation yet nothing is done!! It’s same administration that set up committees 2 investigate criminals with no end result!! Same administration with no respect 4 human right, human life!!! I weep 4 dis country. Ernest people like U r erros 2 mankind, u worry only about ur intrest national interest should be ur first concern!!! Pathetic

      • Ernest

        April 18, 2014 at 8:19 pm

        The future will tell… but given the coconut water filled with puff-puff brain that APC supporters, and bloggers appear to have, it is easy to predict the outcome of 2015…

        Nonsense people…. I still need someone to show me APC leaders in mourning over the Nyanya bombing…. Idiotic senseless, ill-bred human excuses.

        • Abbas Ajiya

          April 19, 2014 at 9:16 am

          That is the coconut brain of any group you claim you are. There is a quotation, dont expect success while repeating something to change over and over again….at the end, it will never change!

          This quote “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results”

          You Ernest are that type of person

    • redeem

      April 21, 2014 at 3:55 pm

      was atiku and nyako not moving around the north doing the same thing-

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